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Jeff Ratcliffe - Northwest UAV

Come Learn About Drones! 


Ten years ago, in a Yamhill County, Oregon garage a new industry was in its infancy and Chris Harris was at the forefront. Assembling and testing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) engines was a weekend hobby that would change the course of his career and require real estate larger than 750 square feet.  Chris’ commitment was to accommodate the growing demand for UAV technology and high volume production needs of companies that utilize UAS propulsion systems and components for unmanned vehicle applications. Chris has been involved in aviation since 1988, as an aviation technician, manager, and systems designer; and has developed an intense desire to make engines run more efficiently and economically. Today, as President and Owner of Northwest UAV (NWUAV), which employs over 60 full-time personnel in McMinnville, Oregon, his vision has become a reality.